Promote the Active Engagement of Women

Our Plans to Promote the Active Engagement of Women

SPACE CO., LTD. is aiming to promote active engagement of women by creating a environment in which women can sustain to be working and building their carrer.


  • From April 2016 To March 2021

Key Issues

  1. The emplyment rate of women is improving, however it is still difficult for them to continue working after they giving birth or getting married due to the long time overwork and working on holidays.
  2. The rate of women in management position is low, although there are many career-oriented women employees.
  3. The number of women with potential to become managers or role models is low


  1. Sustaining the Employment rate of women at 30% and Improving the working environment
  2. Reducing the limits on overtime work (540h per a year at maximum)

Implementation Plan

  • We will continue to sustain more than 30% of female employment rate by improving the acquisition rate of paid holidays and reducing the overtime work. We aim to reduce employee turnover and increase the number of female employees who become role models, and creates a career plan easily. Also, we set up the “Diversity Promotion Committee” to establish a system enables employees to bring their opinions to a management meeting and raising awareness.